Mildreda - Coward Philosophy (Bonus Tracks Version) (2016)
Created in the early 90s, MILDREDA is actually the first band created by the Belgian artist Jan Dewulf mostly known today under the DISKONNEKTED moniker and its impressive discography.

After having been in limbo for way too many years, it was in 2009, when the Belgian enfant-terrible launched the crazy idea to do a one-night show again with his MILDREDA gang for a birthday party That reunion gig resurrected the MILDREDA spirit, offering the opportunity for Jan to revisit and exorcise his darker roots and reinforce the projects dense and powerful atmospheres thanks to new recording technologies and Jans expanded own studio gear 13 new tracks were recorded and remained hidden until now... Today, with Coward Philosophy, MILDREDA adds a killer album to the legacy of the classic 90s dark elektro genre bringing back to life the sound of bands like PLACEBO EFFECT, NUMB, YELWORC, IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES or even early PROJECT PITCHFORK and also MENTALLO & THE FIXER. MILDREDA offers sinister cold sequences, aggressive vocals, KLINIKal bombastic beats and noir haunting atmospheres in a top-notch poignant production quality that instantly grasps you by the throat until suffocation.

For the occasion of this digital-only release, MILDREDA also decided to add as bonus to this new album the bands original blueprint sound in the form of a fully remastered version of his today cult 1996 demo tape De Laffe Denker as well as an amazing recording of the live gig that MILDREDA played in Bruges (Belgium) on March 14th 1998 as the opening band for PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE and TERMINAL CHOICE. An amazing time-travel back to the good old days of dark elektro

It was in the early 90s that Jan Dewulf created MILDREDA then, a Belgian 16 year old kid launching his dark elektro project strongly influenced by other Belgian cult bands like THE KLINIK and their cold and oppressive type of sound Throughout the years, MILDREDA started gaining a strong reputation on the Belgian electro scene, performing live together with bands like PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE, TERMINAL CHOICE, COVENANT, VNV NATION, etc. And its at the turn of the millennium that Jan felt the urge of to put his adventures in dark elektro land on hold to explore new electronic music realms, incorporating more modern dance, break beat, ambient and even synth pop influences with his new compositions: DISKONNEKTED was born, his new experimental studio output where everything was possible, no limit, no constraint, simply constantly surprising the fans who could literally expect the unexpected of each new DISKONNEKTED release, Hotel Existence being his latest CD album to date from a quite impressive discography.

Today with this monster 33-track Coward Philosophy release, MILDREDA displays a solid dark elektro tour de force that will absolutely erase your dirty sick minds Do not pray: run for shelter! The MILDREDA beast is back in town!

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