Dead - Voices (2016)
CD version, 10 tracks, of the album, with LONGER versions of 4 tracks plus 2 exclusive bonus-Tracks.

For the past few years, Manic Depression has quickly developped in one of the most interesting labels for minimal electro/post-punk releases and all of their recent releases (Schonwald, Ascetic, Shadowhouse, Ash Code, Winter Severity Index.. to name just a few) have gained a VERY strong following among our customers and fans worldwide. With DEAD the label presents just their latest discovery and Im pretty sure, this will be another winner!

What more can you say about a band called DEAD that hasnt already been made abundantly clear at first glance? The fact that these French mercenaries of noise can conjure up such a powerfully dark aesthetic before even hitting a note is impressive, but when they finally do, they unleash a far more potent beast entirely. If DEAD arent already mapping out the future destruction of the planet, theyve sure as hell written the soundtrack. Bleak, confrontational, but with a firm command of rhythm and deep grooves, this might be the dancefloor antidote weve been waiting for." (Electric Company UK)

1 Substance (long edit)
2 Bad Lashes
3 Spit Dreams (long edit)
4 Alive
5 Flowerbag
6 Sleeper
7 Voices (long edit)
8 White Mice (long edit)
9 Bonus: No place for us
10 Bonus: Human Light (long edit)


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