Nordika - Blut (2CD Limited Edition) (2016)

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"Blut" is the name of the new release of Nordika, Blut"album is a double disc edition, the definitive edition, which includes 13 tracks on each CD, the first disc includes 5 new unreleased tracks, and the best 8-track editing Limited "Blaues Blut" launched in September 2015, including the contributions of important artists such as Fly feat. Henrik Iversen, Illumination feat. Felix Marc (Top 8 GEWC) and Delirious Passion feat. Alex Braun (Top 10 GEWC).

Disc 2 includes 13 exclusive remixes for the first time available on CD with important bands like Les Anges de la Nuit, Purple Fog Side, Ien Oblique (GEWC top 8 with the remix of illumination), Spektralized, Vanguard, Ruined Conflict, Oren Amram Pegasus Asteroid, Twisted Destiny, Requiem4FM, Want / ED.

This new album include the 5 new tracks, "Naive Love", "Feed My Obsessions (All is Justified)," Poisoned (Feeling Your Skin) "," Never Enough "," Butterfly Defect ". These tracks were kept especially for this double disc edition, which comes by ScentAir Records from Russia.

In this album the sound of the band is consolidated in a concept that evolves into more gothic trends while safeguarding the fine sound and melancholic melodies.

1 Naive Love
2 Feed my Obsessions
3 Beautiful Wild Flower
4 Poisoned
5 Delirious Passion
6 Charm
7 Never Enough
8 Butterfly Defect
9 Fly
10 Aphrodite
11 Heaven
12 Illumination
13 Divine Perversions

1 Illumination feat. Felix Marc (Blind Mix by Ien Oblique)
2 Fly feat. Henrik Iversen (Purple Fog Side Remix)
3 Never Enought (Remix by Twisted Destiny)
4 Delirious Passion (Safisfy Me) feat. Alex Braun (Ruined Conflict Remix)
5 Fly (Pegasus Asteroid Remix)
6 Illumination feat. Felix Marc (Pretty Mix by Want/ED)
7 Fly feat. Henrik Iversen (Remix by Requiem4FM)
8 Delirious Passion (Safisfy Me) feat. Alex Braun (Remixed by Oren Amram)
9 Illumination feat. Felix Marc (Spektralized Remix)
10 Fly feat. Henrik Iversen (Les Anges De La Nuit Remix)
11 Delirious Passion (Safisfy Me) feat. Alex Braun (Vanguard Remix)
12 Delirious Passion (Safisfy Me) feat. Alex Braun (Benjamin'sPlague Remix)
13 Illumination feat. Snake (Twisted Destiny Remix)


Nórdika - Fly (EP) (2015)
Nórdika - Blaues Blut (2015)

Nórdika - Delirious Passion (EP) (2015)
Nórdika - Illumination Remixed (EP) (2014)
Nórdika - Neurotransmisor (2013)

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