Saft - Norrbacka (2016)
One of the most legendary Swedish synthpop acts of all times, Saft, returns after one and a half decade under the ice. Saft was during their most active time without the biggest electronic pop act around in Sweden and even reached a big audience outside the synthpop scene with their extremely catchy and well produced tracks. 2016 they finally return with a new album. With the new album "Norrbacka" Saft returns to their roots. Easy listening, well produced and super catchy tunes! The return of a Swedish legend for sure.

1. Om Oss (3:29)
2. Dina Steg (3:35)
3. Aldrig Som Förr (3:55)
4. Oförstörd (3:55)
5. Inget Mer Att Ge (3:24)
6. Gå Hem (4:04)
7. Åsikt (4:17)
8. Du Gör Mig Galen (2:53)
9. Bara Lögn (4:46)
10. Låt Mig Vara Fri (4:53)

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