Amnistia - Dawn (2CD) (2016)
In 2016, the German bodywave-institution A M N I S T I A presents its long awaited 5th full length album Dawn. The band further developed its sound with several analogue synthesizers and put a lot of effort in sound-research to achieve complex dark bodywave. The heads behind A M N I S T I A have matured again their skills and offer multi-layered sounds in connection with hard striking beats, head-filling hooks, straight lyrics and complex arrangements. As a result the album "Dawn" is dedicated to head, heart and body. A M N I S T I A is back and they never were that strong! The Limited first edition of "Dawn" comes with a 16-tracks Full-length Remix-Album, including Re-workings of the tracks by Assemblage 23, Formalin, Full Contact 69, Les Berrtas and more!

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