Sans-Fin - Vivre Confiné (2016)
Following his 2015 digital-only debut album, Leipzig-based DJ Hells presents his sophomore release for Raumklang, which remains true to his IDM affiliation, but by far extends that genres usual notions and boundaries. A fair bit more on the introvert and calm side than the debut, Vivre Confiné emanates a very personal, deeply emotional appeal.

As a DJ, he has a remarkable pedigree in the Rhythm Noise scene, having played at festivals like FORMS OF HANDS or Elektroanschlag; as Sans-fin (i.e. Endless, Without boundaries) he works far from the constraints of the dance floor: Lush sound surfaces, field recordings and gentle rhythms are the basic elements of his tracks which are much rather songs, as they always convey a definite theme, a mood, a storytelling quality.

Superbly produced, yet staying well-clear of the functional shallowness that IDM sometimes tends to be marred by, Vivre Confiné is a profound trip, a fundamental revelation of the innermost thoughts. With its meaning of confined life in the sense of a focus on what really matters this album unfolds a message of resolute positivity over the course of its nearly 60 minutes.

Intimate and thoughtful, emotional and authentic, this album is one for the dreamers and escapists, as well as those who cherish life as such.

1. Suivre son cours (9:24)
2. Conclusion (7:24)
3. Entrer en guerre (5:18)
4. Résignation (7:03)
5. Vérité (5:46)
6. Franchir (5:47)
7. Gare de métro (5:58)
8. Étre debout (6:00)
9. Abouler (5:26)


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